Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Hello February"

Day 32:
"Hello February"

I can't believe it's already February. This month is my favorite for so many reasons! First of all, It's my birthday month. Second, it's Nicky's birthday month, there's Valentine's Day thrown in the mix, and so many more exciting things coming up this month. I will be celebrating my quilting and art by having a little art show at my favorite restaurant during this month. There is just so many things to look forward to!

February is so short and sweet. But I'll take it! I'm just excited it's finally here. Let the fun begin. :)


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Not So Green Thumb"

Day 31:
Not So Green Thumb

WOW... Did January fly by or what?! I can't believe tomorrow is already February (and my birthday month!!!!!) But this project has been so fun, and it's just flying by in the best way possible. I've been finding that writing about things in my life has been very therapeutic. No, not all my posts are juicy and drama filled, but it is fun to share things about random stuff in my life that a lot of people probably didn't know about. 

If you know me, I am not a green thumb. My mom is a master gardener, and always has the most beautiful plants, but part of it is because she thinks about watering them. lol. I always forget. I did have this most awesome house plant once that I managed to keep alive for about a year, until my cats one day randomly decided that it was their turn to go ahead and use it as a cat toy. It died very quickly after that. All I could think about was all the work that went down the drain... hehe. 

I have always hated doing yard work. Our new house has absolutely no grass, and it is SO exciting for both my husband and I. But the funny thing about New Mexico is that not much grows here naturally anyway without a lot of babying. So, I'm ok with it. 

There is one reason that I absolutely love succulents. It is because they can go SO long without any water. Which is absolutely perfect for me. And they are so beautiful. So, I think I will keep with my succulent ways, and just give up on the idea of ever having living plants around the house. 


Monday, January 30, 2017

"Pineapple Sue"

Day 30:
Pineapple Sue

So, today, this block has two meanings to me. I've been thinking a lot about summertime and I am wishing it would just come quicker than normal. I'm so over a lot of what has been going on this year, and I am really ready to move on. Summer time always has me feeling free, relaxed, and reenergized. One thing I always enjoy about summer time is the fruits that come with it! My absolute favorite fruit in this world is a pineapple. To me, nothing beats a really ripe, juicy, delicious pineapple. The best pineapple I ever had was actually in Hawaii, at the Dole plantation. I find it funny that they don't even use the Hawaii Dole plantation anymore except for a tourist attraction, though. 

This leads me into my step-mother, Sue. Sue brought us to Hawaii one summer to show us around. She lived in Hawaii for years, and she always talks about the island and how happy it made her living there. She actually hates pineapples, which I also find somewhat amusing. 

Sue is such a kind soul. I'm not sure I have ever seen her angry or mad at anyone. She is always very kind and generous. 

My parents divorced when I was younger, I was 15 at the time. A lot of people would usually be pretty upset about their parents splitting, but it actually didn't bother me much. At the time, I needed time away from my mom, so that our relationship could heal and become great, like it is today. I lived with my dad, and eventually he met Sue. 

I always liked Sue from the very get go. I always advocated for him and her to be together. I am so glad they did. She makes my dad really happy, and I can see it when I watch them interact. They were meant for each other.

I am so happy you became part of my life, Sue! Love you!


Sunday, January 29, 2017


Day 29

I just had to dedicate today's block to my friend Amanda! 

I met Amanda last summer at the quilt shop, Quilt Works, and we instantly connected. We had a lot of similar interests, and we both love a lot of the same fabrics. Her artistic eye and passion inspire me every single day! We texted nonstop for days, to a point where both our husbands just knew who we were texting every time we were on our phones, lol.

I have felt so incredibly lucky to have gotten to know her over the last few months. What I love about Amanda is that she is so easy to talk to. She lets me be myself. She lets me vent to her, she is a shoulder to cry on, and she always has the best responses to the things I bitch about. She makes me laugh so much! 

I love that she has never made me feel bad for being who I am. She always lifts me up, and appreciates my personality and she appreciates me as an artist and human. Every time we get together, we just have fun. 

Isn't that what friendships should be all about? They should be easy, fun, they shouldn't make you feel down or in doubt about yourself. That's definitely the kind of friendship we have.

It has been so fun doing this block challenge with her. She helps keep me motivated and accountable, and I just love exchanging pictures every day! It is something I definitely look forward to.

Here's to many more years of friendship, Amanda! I am so thankful that our paths crossed. You make me a better person, a better artist and a better friend! I appreciate you soo much. 


"Self Portrait"

Day 29:
Self Portrait

Friday, January 27, 2017

"Sarah Delaine"

Day 27:
Sarah Delaine

Did you know that in Egypt purple denotes virtue and faith? Well, that's exactly how I would describe my friend Sarah.

Sarah and I have been friends since we were about 10 years old. We were inseparable! But it didn't come with some trying times. We were friends for about a year, got into a huge fight, and then about a year later, I invited her to come over swimming at my mom's house and she accepted. We didn't even remember what we were fighting about, but it didn't matter anymore. (It was probably over some dumb boy! lol)

Sarah is my longest friend, and in many ways my most dearest. See, all my friends hold a very special place in my heart and they all are dear to me in some way, but Sarah, man she was my right hand man. We got into some fun trouble together! The first time I ever snuck out of a house was with her (we got caught like immediately because of her dog, lol). We did things we weren't supposed to do, but we always came back to each other.

I have some really fond memories of us hanging out at Del Taco, riding the city bus all around town, including my Oma's house for lunch, and hanging out with her dearest sister, Sheena. 

These memories that I have are memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Sarah and I have both grown up to become pretty different people, and we are both in very different stages of life. But that doesn't stop us for the occasional get together, chat, or go-to-complain-about-whatever session. She has always been a rock to me. I feel this block represents us well; purple for her faithfulness in our friendship, her incredible virtue, and the fact that we are as different as X's and O's, but together we make a stellar combination.

Sarah is such a beautiful, creative, compassionate, caring person. She's real, and she doesn't hide when something is bothering her. She is the strongest mama I know. I admire her in more ways than I ever think she would know. 

I look forward to sharing many more years with you, Sarah. I hope our kids gets to experience chocolate bunnies together and cosmetology school. But maybe not the part with the comb in your scalp or the knife in the backpack ;-) LOL.

Love you, girl.


Thursday, January 26, 2017


Day 26:

Have you ever had anybody who protects you from gross guys, from mosh pits, who is insanely cool, and has the most intelligent mind ever? Well, I have.

Corey is one of the most important people in my life. She was someone that I always looked up to when I was growing up, and contrary to *some* peoples beliefs, she was always a very good influence on me. Growing up, I needed someone who understood me in a way that a lot of people didn't. Corey was that person for me. We first bonded over Lamb of God, then it was my Jolly Rodger belt buckle (I got it from an old pirate halloween costume, ghetto rigged it with the help of Corey, and it became a staple in my wardrobe... thanks sis.) Either way, I experienced some pretty awesome things with Corey by my side.

Corey always took me to metal concerts, which was something that my parents hated and would never in a million years go with me to. My brother was living out of the city, so he wasn't really someone who could take me either. My parents were always over protective of me- which now that I am looking back, I am thankful for), so they would never in a million years let me go with friends my age or by myself. I think I would have actually been scared to do that anyway, lol. They did trust in Corey and they would let her take me. She took me to my first concert ever, Mudvayne, which was pretty much the coolest experience ever. We went to other shows together like Slipknot, Avenge Sevenfold, Static X (RIP Wayne), and many, many more. 

She would always ID guys before they were allowed to even make eye contact.

She would shove every living being out of my way when the whole floor turned into a giant mosh pit.

She took care of me, looked out for me, and never let me out of her sight. 

I don't think I ever really got the chance to express to her how much that meant to me. No doubt in my mind does she know that I love the crap out of her, but I don't think she really understands how much of a role model she was back then to me... and how much she still is. 

I hate that she moved away to St. Louis-- all my friends and family seem to move away from New Mexico.. but I get to visit her occasionally. Which is always fun, and always super exciting. 

Anyway, Corey, I love you. I think you're the best thing in this world. You have made me laugh, you have made me get over stupid dumb boys that I shouldn't have ever wasted my time on. You were there for me, cared for me, dyed my hair for me, loved me and you didn't give a f*** what people thought about this little girl hanging around you all the time. 

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. I am so proud of the person you have always been to me. I am proud to call you a sister, a best friend.