Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Be Beautiful"

Day 24:
Be Beautiful

My block has lipstick and bobby pins, and I called it "Be Beautiful." But contrary to your belief, I don't think beauty comes just from the outside.

I feel pretty lucky and confident with my looks. I am happy with my outer being, and I feel that I have some physical features that appeal to a lot of people. However, what are my outer looks if my inner being doesn't match?

I feel that inner beauty is a very important quality of a person. Today, I pondered a lot about people and their inners and how ugly or beautiful it can make them. 

I know people who are ugly on the inside and it changes their outer beauty. I know people who are not so attractive to the masses, but they are so incredibly beautiful to me. The ones who are care free, who are themselves, and don't give a shit about what the people in the world think about them. They just care about how they treat the world, how they treat themselves, and I totally desire to be more like them.

I try really hard to focus on my inner self. I tend to get frustrated really easily, especially when I disagree with someone, but I try so very hard to be my very best self. But just like anyone else, I have flaws, I am human, and sometimes I fail.

I am sorry for that. I am sorry if I ever let my ugly inner self shine. It gets the best of me sometimes. But deep in my soul, I love everyones differences, I love everyone's imperfections, and I am always striving to be better myself.

I am confident. I am good with going in public with my hair a mess and zero makeup on. I am ok with looking like a total bum. Ain't nobody gonna stop me! Because I know I am beautiful. Inside and out. I know that. Sometimes I feel like I need to convince others to see that about me too. But I need to let that go! Only the people who are truly beautiful on the inside will take the time to learn about me and see me for who I really am. 

But, of course I love putting make up on. It makes me feel good.
PS. I have purchased about 3,000,000 bobby pins in my life. I can find about 2 right now. 2. that's it. What the heck is that all about? 


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