Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Day 3: 

If any of you know me, you totally know that I am a huge cat lover. My cats are basically like my children. Each and every one of them mean so very much to me. My journey will include a story that each of my kitties has given me. The first one is Butters.

Butters is the newest addition to our family. We got him after some very unfortunate circumstances, after losing our sweet, beloved Teko cat. I wasn't really sure when a good time to get a new cat would be, especially after how tragic it was for us after losing Teko. But things just weren't the same after losing him. Our hearts were definitely empty, and our house felt empty too. I was very concerned that after losing Teko, Tucker would have a hard time adjusting to him being gone. They certainly were the best of friends. I kept my eye on him very carefully because I know that sometimes animals can react to a loss of a person or companion, and I was scared to death that Tucker would become very affected by the loss of Teko. After all, he was his favorite snuggle buddy.

Honestly, I felt a little bit guilty for getting Butters so quickly after Teko's passing. I didn't want anyone, more specifically Teko, to think that I was replacing him. I knew in my heart that I definitely wasn't. There would be no way. But when I saw Butters for the first time, I fell in love. 

I saw Butters at a Petco on the Westside while I was working one of my jobs. He kept meowing at me through the gates and it was almost like he was just begging for me to hold him. I caved. And I knew as soon as I caved that it would be all over for me. So, the next move was to text my husband and ask him if I could take him home (which come on, who could say no to his cute, sweet, orange tabby face?) Of course he agreed, and Butters was mine. 

The first few days were interesting. It always takes some time for new members of the family to adjust with each other. At first, I was worried that he wouldn't fit in. It wasn't until maybe a week or so later that things started looking up for everyone. 

I fell asleep one night and the cats all usually sleep in the bed with us (OK- really they all sleep with me... My husband gets so jealous! HA!) Tucker always sleeps in the same spot, and Ellie, our female kitty, usually sleeps on the foot of the bed or right smack dab on top of me. I felt Butters venture up onto the bed, and I didn't think much more of it before I fell asleep. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up in the middle of the night! TUCKER AND BUTTERS WERE SNUGGLING!!!! I was so excited. Tucker had made a new friend. I felt my heart burst with happiness for the first time in a while. It meant so much to me to see them together. They had found a new companion within each other and it was exactly what I wanted for the both of them. 

Butters and Ellie have snuggled too. It seems like he has been the most perfect fit into our lives, and he has brought us some happiness that I really needed. Of course, Teko has not been forgotten. In fact, I think about him every single day. Sometimes I still even cry over him being gone. But it has helped some of the healing to see the connection our new Butters has made with our other cats. 

Thank you, Butters, for coming into our lives. You don't know how much we all needed you.


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