Thursday, January 26, 2017


Day 26:

Have you ever had anybody who protects you from gross guys, from mosh pits, who is insanely cool, and has the most intelligent mind ever? Well, I have.

Corey is one of the most important people in my life. She was someone that I always looked up to when I was growing up, and contrary to *some* peoples beliefs, she was always a very good influence on me. Growing up, I needed someone who understood me in a way that a lot of people didn't. Corey was that person for me. We first bonded over Lamb of God, then it was my Jolly Rodger belt buckle (I got it from an old pirate halloween costume, ghetto rigged it with the help of Corey, and it became a staple in my wardrobe... thanks sis.) Either way, I experienced some pretty awesome things with Corey by my side.

Corey always took me to metal concerts, which was something that my parents hated and would never in a million years go with me to. My brother was living out of the city, so he wasn't really someone who could take me either. My parents were always over protective of me- which now that I am looking back, I am thankful for), so they would never in a million years let me go with friends my age or by myself. I think I would have actually been scared to do that anyway, lol. They did trust in Corey and they would let her take me. She took me to my first concert ever, Mudvayne, which was pretty much the coolest experience ever. We went to other shows together like Slipknot, Avenge Sevenfold, Static X (RIP Wayne), and many, many more. 

She would always ID guys before they were allowed to even make eye contact.

She would shove every living being out of my way when the whole floor turned into a giant mosh pit.

She took care of me, looked out for me, and never let me out of her sight. 

I don't think I ever really got the chance to express to her how much that meant to me. No doubt in my mind does she know that I love the crap out of her, but I don't think she really understands how much of a role model she was back then to me... and how much she still is. 

I hate that she moved away to St. Louis-- all my friends and family seem to move away from New Mexico.. but I get to visit her occasionally. Which is always fun, and always super exciting. 

Anyway, Corey, I love you. I think you're the best thing in this world. You have made me laugh, you have made me get over stupid dumb boys that I shouldn't have ever wasted my time on. You were there for me, cared for me, dyed my hair for me, loved me and you didn't give a f*** what people thought about this little girl hanging around you all the time. 

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. I am so proud of the person you have always been to me. I am proud to call you a sister, a best friend.


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