Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Day at the Downs"

Day 15:
Day at the Downs

Today is my daddy's birthday!!!! It is such a special day, even for me! Today he turned the BIG 7-0, so it's only appropriate that I celebrate him by making a special block in his honor! My dad and I have such a special relationship. Growing up, I always considered myself a daddy's girl, and I always wanted to do everything with my dad. I have so many special memories, and I'll share a few with you. Hopefully you'll see how special he is, too. 

Growing up, my dad was always my best friend. He understood me, and let me be me. We rarely ever fought. We rarely argued, but we did have disagreements. He accepted me at my worst and best, and loved me always. He never gave up on me. 

Some of my most favorite times with my dad is going to the State Fair grounds and watching the horse races. I always loved going with him, and cheering on the horses that he owned. It was so exciting to go and place a bet on them and then seeing them win. It was always such a thrill. We would go up to the jockey club, and share some chicken nachos. (They were literally the best nachos ever!) We spent the day there just laughing and having a great time. Sometimes we would be with his friends, and sometimes it would be just us. He always let me go to the electronic machine and place a bet, even if I wasn't supposed to. Haha. I loved visiting his horses in the barns before or after the race,  and all in all I just absolutely loved being there with him. 

Another one of my all time favorite memories was the time we went fishing. We talk about this story often, because it was such a fun day! One day my dad told me we were going to have a daddy/daughter day and that I could choose ANYTHING I wanted to do. He figured I'd choose putt-putt, going to the movies and ice cream, etc, but I said, "Dad... I want to go fishing!" and you know what? He didn't skip a beat when he told me yes. We went to Shady Lakes for the day, spent it fishing, even took home trout and grilled it for dinner. It was the best day of my life. 

My dad and I always have the best memories together. I am so glad I get to call him mine. He is the most supportive dad I could ever imagine. He always believed in me. I am thankful I get to continue making memories with him, and I am also thankful I have many more years of memory making ahead of me with him. 

I just love you, Daddy! Happy Birthday. 


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