Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Drink of Choice"

Day 22:
Drink of Choice

Beer is my absolute favorite thing to drink. I actually prefer it to mixed drinks or straight liquor, cocktails, wine or anything of the sort. So my block today is dedicated to my love of beer!

I needed something light-hearted to talk about today, because a lot of political talk has been getting me pretty stressed out. I had a Moose Drool tonight while I was soaking in the bathtub, and it was the most glorious thing ever! 

Now, I don't really know a lot technically about beer, like, I'm not one of those uber beer enthusiasts that can pick out certain hops or flavors, but I feel like I at least pick pretty decent beers to drink. I mostly prefer darker beers, like porters or stouts, but I also really love browns. I do occasionally love a wheat beer or very rarely an IPA. 

I guess if you were to ask me what my favorite beer is right now, it would probably be a Moose Drool by Big Sky Brewing out of Montana. It's always my go to beer when restaurants don't have anything else that's decent on tap. 

What are some of your favorite pours? I always love trying new beers and experimenting!

Well, it's time to finish my beer and head to bed. 


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