Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"I Met My Best Friends at an Irish Pub"

Day 25:
I Met My Best Friends at an Irish Pub

If you know me at all, you know that I really love going and hanging out at O'Niells, an Irish Pub in the North East Heights. Nick and I actually met at O'Niells, and had our first date. It holds a pretty special place in my heart! And the people who work there are pretty awesome, too. (With a few exceptions ;))

Anyway, this post isn't really about O'Niells. It's about my best friends, Bev and Richard. Nick and I decided to go get dinner one night, and we sat at the bar, like we usually do. Nick was sitting next to a nice lady and had overheard her talking about quilting. He kind of piped up and said, "My wife LOVES to quilt!!!" and the rest is pretty much history. We sat and chatted, and they quickly became our newest friends.

Our friendship never faded. We talk often, and we meet up to go grab beers at O'Niells what seems to be almost weekly. We've introduced them to our family, and had them over for dinners, and we just... clicked. We always like to joke that they are the same exact people as us, just a little bit older! When Nick and I get to be older, I hope that we are still just as in love as they are... Rich and Bev have a beautiful relationship that I admire. She's sassy (like me), he's patient (like Nick), and we all have similar interests in common.

Today they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, so it was a double win for my and my block making today! 

Bev and Richard already know how special they are to me. They are the best friends a gal could ask for. She's honest, kind, she always has an open ear and a shoulder for me to cry on, she laughs with me when I bitch about my problems, and she has a beer with me to soothe my rough day. They always make me laugh. They always make me smile, and they never make me feel bad about myself. They always invite us along to things, and they never make me feel left out. It's hard to believe, but this is what true friendship feels like!!!!! 

I am so extremely lucky and blessed to call you both our best friends. Thank you for entering our lives and leaving a six pack (or fat quarter bundle) on my life. You both mean the world to us. 



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