Friday, January 20, 2017

"Make America Great Again"

Day 20: 
Make America Great Again

Alright, alright... before you pass too much judgement on me.....

I'm a conservative. I would say pretty big time. I was raised in a conservative family, and growing up, this is part of what as instilled in me. But as I've gotten older, I've educated myself more so that I can form my own opinion, instead of what was taught to me. But.....I'm still conservative. 

Just because I'm a republican, doesn't mean that I fully agree with everything Donald Trump. However, there was enough of myself that agreed with him that made me feel confident in voting for him as out 45th president of the US. 

For me, today was a pretty big day. It was the first election I ever voted in. It was a pretty big deal as far as history goes, where a republican pretty much takes the power, and a lot of people are rioting and having a lot of heartache over the loss of Obama. I've seen and watched a lot of it from afar and I have bitten my tongue on a lot of social media comments. 

The reason? Because I respect you. I respect myself. I respect each and everyones opinion. I don't hate you for liking another party. I won't. I'll understand it, actually. I just hope that someday people will see the same of me. Don't hate me for what I believe in. Isn't that what makes America so wonderful to begin with? The fact that we have the right to believe what we want to believe in? Then don't make me feel bad for believing what is right. Even if it's different than you. 

Because I certainly won't hate you for believing what you do. I won't hate you for disliking Trump. I won't think of you differently. I just ask the same for me. 

That is all.


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