Saturday, January 7, 2017

"Make New Friends, But Keep The Old"

Day 7
"Make New Friends, But Keep The Old"

Do you remember that song, "Make New Friends," from when you were a kid? I do. It was one of my favorites and always resonated with me. Growing up, I always struggled with making new friends, because I was very outspoken. To be honest, sometimes I still struggle with that. It sometime can still effect the relationships around me. When something is on my mind, I can just start communicating what I'm thinking and often I forget to organize my thoughts before I respond in an interaction. Most of the time my thoughts can be misconstrued and turned into something that I actually don't mean at all- but it was the way I said it that can be upsetting. It's a constant thing that I always try to be mindful of. 

I bring this up because it has been on my mind lately. I always try to foster positive relationships around me. Sometimes I feel like I do a great job being around my friends and having a good time, as well as communicating my thoughts in a way that is positive and meaningful. I can't deny that sometimes I worry about how I am interacting with people. I actually worry about it a lot. I never want to upset my friends, or anyone for that matter. I always hope to form genuine relationships with the people who choose to invest in a relationship with me. Especially because I always had a hard time making those connections growing up. I only have one childhood friend that has stuck around through all my phases of life. Even though we are in completely different stages in our life, we still make the effort to connect every once and a while to catch up. 

I have been making some new friends lately that I am just over the moon about. It has been really nice to surround myself with positive people who accept me for me, the mistakes that I make and the conversations and laughs that we share are irreplaceable. I also feel like lately I've been making some gains in relationships that have fallen short. 

I hold onto my friendships for dear life. Today my friendships have been on my mind, and that's why I named this block "Make New Friends But Keep The Old." The song talks about how each friend is precious, and how a circle is round and has no end. I think that this is true, even for the friendships that grow distant overtime. I love my friends- old and new, and am always trying to discover new people.

The yellow and orange in this block is symbolic to me. Yellow represents joy and happiness, and high energy. Orange represents happiness, success and sunshine. The block even has bits of metallic gold in it, to represent my friendships and how shiny, rare and beautiful they all are, just like real gold. All these things intertwine with each other to create a beautiful thing in life. I felt that this block was just perfect to represent that. I thank each and every one of you for being my friend.


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