Friday, January 6, 2017

"New Mexico Winters"

Day 6:
"New Mexico Winters"

If you've ever been to New Mexico, you will understand why this block represents New Mexico perfectly. Some days the weather is nice and warm, and the other days it is gloomy and yucky outside. The weather seems to change day by day, and even when the forecast has something in mind, it can quickly change without notice. 

Same goes for snow. Yesterday, I was told be several people they wanted a snow day. I'll admit I was wrong this time! We did get our snow day and school was cancelled. Even better that it was on a Friday today! Helloooo 3 day weekend! So, naturally, I locked myself in my sewing studio and had the best day ever. 

The thing about New Mexico is that our snow days isn't really about snow at all- sure we get a little bit of snow. But it isn't the pretty, white, fluffy stuff you see on TV, or the snow you see your friends on the East Coast posting about. Our snow is..kind of white, but mixed in with a lot of dirt. It's been a long time since i've seen "white" snow around here. The layers quickly mix with each other and it just becomes a brown slush. Anyway, our school closings happen because it gets really cold and ice forms in the streets, causing a lot of problems with driving. People are always complaining saying that we don't know how to drive around here when the weather gets bad. I truly don't think that's the problem. The problem is that when it's icy- you can't control where your car goes! In other places it may not get as icy as it does here.... and that brown slush snow helps it turn into fun black ice. No thanks! I stayed home and just enjoyed the nice, safe comfort of my home.

Thank you so much for snowing today, earth! It was so enjoyable!
See, I told you I would wake up with a smile today!


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