Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Not So Green Thumb"

Day 31:
Not So Green Thumb

WOW... Did January fly by or what?! I can't believe tomorrow is already February (and my birthday month!!!!!) But this project has been so fun, and it's just flying by in the best way possible. I've been finding that writing about things in my life has been very therapeutic. No, not all my posts are juicy and drama filled, but it is fun to share things about random stuff in my life that a lot of people probably didn't know about. 

If you know me, I am not a green thumb. My mom is a master gardener, and always has the most beautiful plants, but part of it is because she thinks about watering them. lol. I always forget. I did have this most awesome house plant once that I managed to keep alive for about a year, until my cats one day randomly decided that it was their turn to go ahead and use it as a cat toy. It died very quickly after that. All I could think about was all the work that went down the drain... hehe. 

I have always hated doing yard work. Our new house has absolutely no grass, and it is SO exciting for both my husband and I. But the funny thing about New Mexico is that not much grows here naturally anyway without a lot of babying. So, I'm ok with it. 

There is one reason that I absolutely love succulents. It is because they can go SO long without any water. Which is absolutely perfect for me. And they are so beautiful. So, I think I will keep with my succulent ways, and just give up on the idea of ever having living plants around the house. 


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