Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Opa's Workshop"

Day 17:
Opa's Workshop

My Oma is hands down the most incredibly talented person in my life. I mean talk about someone whose workmanship is outstanding. My Opa builds classical instruments from scratch. He builds guitars, violins, cellos, etc. from scratch. He is truly amazing, especially for being 88 years old and owning his own instrument repair business. 

Some of my favorite memories that I have with my Opa is being a little girl and hanging out with him in his workshop while he worked. I remember like it was yesterday when I would help him vacuum his workshop for him, with this really old vacuum. (They still have it. haha) He would show me what he was making, and I always felt really fascinated. I used to play with the horse hair he has hanging in the workshop, for his violin bows. He always calls me LaLa, still to this day, and it is my absolute most favorite thing ever. 

We planted a tree together one year and he called it the LaLa tree. It grew so big over the years, actually it grew too big and he ended up having to cut it down. But it was really cool that we planted it together and he named it after me.

My Opa has always been a traditional German man, and a lot of the time he doesn't understand things that Americans do. So, when I am around, I have to make sure that I am respecting his German ways. But, it's what makes him unique. I think over the years, I have finally started getting hugs from him instead of handshakes, lol. But again, these are the things that will always make me smile and remember him by. 

As I always say, "Ich mag dich, Opa!" 
I can't wait for many more years ahead of us.

-Your LaLa.

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