Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Puestas de sol de New Mexico"

Day 11:
"Puestas del sol de New Mexico"
(Sunsets of New Mexico)

I usually hate the whole idea of daylight savings and how it messes with my schedule. I don't even know the normal time for it becoming dark anymore. It seems like sometimes it's pitch black at like 4pm and sometimes it isn't dark until about 9pm. I never know if we are on daylight savings time or not, all I know is that I hate waking up when it is completely pitch black outside.

I just looked it up, and it appears that daylight savings is not happening right now. Which I am thankful for. I am incredibly thankful for it today, because I got to see today's sunrise. HOLY COW. It was gorgeous. Apparently, we had a really gorgeous sunset tonight too, but I missed that one. (I took a nap instead.... which may be another blog post some other time, haha.) 

Today's block represents New Mexico and how amazing our sunsets are. I thought this block design was perfect, because the red symbol also reminds me of our state symbol, the Zia. The Zia also represents the sun, and is a sacred symbol by the Zia Indians. Here's the sunset from this morning:

I didn't even use a filter on this picture. The picture actually doesn't even do it justice!

As I've talked about before, I have grown up in New Mexico. It isn't a place a lot of people have visited, and for some, they haven't even heard of it... (like did you not pay attention in school?) Anyway, New Mexico is filled with so much culture, and beauty. I am so proud to be part of it.
Thank you for being my home, New Mexico. I always look forward to experiencing your beauty.


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