Sunday, January 8, 2017

"Quilty Zen"

Day 7:
"Quilty Zen"

The idea of color therapy is so intriguing to me. I've been reading a lot lately about different colors and what they represent or mean. Of course, a lot of color interpretation is up to each individual person. However, the color purple intrigues me a lot. Perhaps its because the color purple encourages creativity, or perhaps it promotes calmness and it soothes the nerves.

Today, I had a lot of time to be by myself, which is nice every once and a while. I went shopping, and I found that it was very soothing and calming to be on my own. I made a few small purchases which also made me feel really good. I felt very inspired while walking around, and maybe purple was on my brain, because I felt like I was seeing it everywhere. 

Today will be a short post, because it has been a long, but oddly relaxing day. I felt totally at peace when making todays block. I also looked around my sewing studio and realized that I had painted the walls of my studio purple, and I never really knew why I was drawn to that color in the first place. I guess sometimes these kind of things happen without us even realizing it. If purple helps my creativity, then I will continue to cherish it and use it as often as I can!


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