Thursday, January 5, 2017

"Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away"

Day 5
"Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away"

Today was so gloomy. I know a lot of people who love days like today, but I certainly don't. Tomorrow is also supposed to be really cold, with rain starting this evening and it eventually turning into snow. I've already heard so many people talk about their hopes for a snow day, or delay, and I just refuse to think about it. I refuse to think about it because overtime New Mexico decides it wants to snow, it doesn't. When it decides it doesn't want to snow, it does. I've gotten my hopes up so many times before when the weather claims to be bad, but I always wake up at 5am, excited to look at the weather report, just to see that only the east mountain APS schools are delayed. It's such a bummer.

However... I love rain. Rain is so beautiful to me. My favorite thing ever is when it is warm and sunny outside, and it starts to rain. That's when I really love rain the most. I also love it when it rains and then the skies clear up and you can see the sun peek out for the first time in a while. 

Rain is super symbolic to me. It's symbolic because every time it rains, I kind of picture the earth having a bad day, like I do someimes. It's gloomy, and it feels sad... It cries it out, sometimes it takes only a minute, and sometimes it takes a few days, but eventually the tears dry and the earth is smiling again. When it's sunny out and it rains, I always picture having a good day, full of excitement and tears of joy. I know, I probably sound really crazy, but I always think of that every time it rains.

My block today represents the rain that happens over a sunny day. It represents the times where I feel so happy, when I want to cry tears of joy. Negativity shouldn't belong in my world, but I am human. Every time I feel it, I just want it to rain on a sunny day.

So for me, I don't ever want it to stop raining on those sunny days. But for now, I'll be happy going to bed knowing it will be raining tonight when i'm not around to see the gloominess. Tomorrow I know I will wake up with a smile. :)


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