Saturday, January 21, 2017

"Sweet Sixteen"

Day 21:
Sweet Sixteen

This wouldn't be a true "Danyella" or memory quilt if it didn't have a skull in it. :)

Growing up, I loved listening to metal music. Actually, believe it or not, I still really do. I liked dressing in black band t-shirts with ripped jeans and converse. I liked dying my hair different colors. I liked wearing my pirate belt to school.

These are all things that made me who I am today. These are things I actually still rather enjoy doing a lot, but just in a more sophisticated way. I still love going to metal concerts. I still love all things skull, and I still have some of those band t-shirts tucked away somewhere at my dad's house. 

Growing up, I had the best sister ever. Corey always took me to concerts and was always on my lookout. She ID'd every guy who even looked at me. She kept me safe from mosh pits. She was my best friend, my sister, and my role model. I still love her to death! I love visiting her every time I get a chance to go to St. Louis. It broke my heart when she moved away from Albuquerque. 

Like I said, this quilt wouldn't be the same without a skull (or two... I might have more later ;)) And today I was reminded of my teenage years and I just wouldn't have changed it for the world. Thanks dad for letting me paint my room black, and expressing myself in whatever way I wanted to. 


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