Friday, January 13, 2017

"Sweet Teeks"

Day 13:
"Sweet Teeks"

Today is the day that I get to dedicate this sweet block to my most special and beloved kitty, Teko. 
Teko was really an amazing cat. I miss him so much, and I think about him everyday. It's really hard to live day by day without that little guy, because he added so much value to my life. 

I want to share some of my most favorite memories of Teko, instead of talking about how sad I am that he's gone. Because it's the happy memories that I should be thinking about all the time. I should be so incredibly thankful for the seven years I got to spend with him. And I really am, I just wish it wasn't cut so short. 

Teko was always shy, and he loved hanging out in the closet behind my clothes. It was such a safe place for him. Whenever I couldn't find him, I knew exactly where he would be. Teko was always so funny about some of his mannerisms too. He loved scratching the doorway and laying on his back, upside down so that his tummy was exposed to surprise scratches. The most annoying this Teko did was eat plastic bags. They always seemed to be most enticing in the middle of the night. It always made me so mad! Looking back, I wish I didn't get so mad over it. He would also always make sure to let me know when he ran out of food, by nibbling my feet or arms in the middle of the night, too. He always snuggled with Tucker. I loved coming home to them taking a nap together. He wasn't the most snuggly cat with humans, but he always liked sleeping by my feet at night. 

Life is so short, and it should never be taken for granted. I wish I had spent more time with him and cherished the time we had together more. My heart has a huge hole in it that might never fully heal. 

I try to remember him by the good memories, and not the bad memory that I have of what happened to him. Sometimes it's hard, though. I'll be very honest when telling you that I cried the entire time I wrote this. It's hard, but I also know that he is at peace now. 

I miss you forever, Teko. My sweet Teeks.

RIP 8/17/2016


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